Sunday, November 29, 2009


Is it just me or is it all happening too quickly?  Did the browns and yellows of Thanksgiving blend all too rapidly into the reds and greens of Christmas?  A pot of golden mums graces my front porch still, little just-for-pretty pumpkins adorn my mantel, and my fridge remains full of fat-laden leftovers fit to clog the arteries of even the most dutiful dieters.

And yet it seems it's already time to move on.  I can almost see some cosmic time-teller tapping his watch like a conductor on a train impatiently waiting for his passengers to settle in so that that the engine can be fired up and the next stop reached at bullet speed and post-haste! 

All Abooooard!!

As much as I love all the acoutrements of Christmas, the candlelight in the windows and the fun of decorating a fat little Douglas Fir, am I the only one who's wishing we had a bit of a transition sentence here? 

As I ventured into my "Christmas closet" tonight, sizing up the task at hand, rummaging through wrapping paper, untangling twinkle lights, sorting out santas and organizing ornaments, a plain paper bag presented itself in the middle of all the muddle, patiently awaiting my attention...

...Upon opening the package, a smile worked it's way across my face and setting everything else aside, I carefully removed the pewter figurines folded in little pieces of paper; there were sheep and shepherds, camels and kings, there was a mother and a father, a sturdy little stable, a miniature manger...and lastly, a little one, an infant, a tiny baby boy...

And I realized gazing at the pieces of this picture, a picture of a gift given long ago, that herein was my "transition sentence".

The meaning of it all, not just of Christmas, but of life itself, Jesus, the ultimate Transition Sentence*, between the Old Will and Testament and the New Will and Testament, between death and life, slavery and freedom, between what I once was and who I now am.

I'm cozied up now, ready to catch some zzzzz's shortly (very shortly).  The decorating I was going to do remains undone, save a small nativity scene set carefully along my mantel in place of the just-for-pretty pumpkins...

It's a the truest sense of the Word.

*"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men...And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." - John 1: 1-4, 14


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I can never have enough reminders. (I need all the help I can get) Yours is particularly poignant. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. First time look at your blog. For a bird's eye view you sure go deep. Yes it goes by too fast, but we didn't set the pace. We have the same God who is driving the Bus, we're just passengers. And it is so wonderful, people are like snow flakes, each one is different, some are just flakier than others, but---we all have the same need, to be transformed from the inside out. It is obvious that He has transformed you. Praise Him!
    Joy's 'Handyman'

  3. Thanks, Dan, you and me both..."reminders" is putting it mildly, I usually need to be whacked over the head with a 2x4, a sheep in every sense of the word...bahhhhhh ; )

    Hope your holiday season is blessed and FULL of Him....

  4. Hey 'Joy's Handyman' : )

    You have no idea how encouraging and timely this was to me tonight...

    My husband and I JUST finished a long talk about how I felt like I was going through spiritual "chemo", that God was really freeing me from some junk that was counter-purpose (HIS purpose) and freeing me and "transforming me" from the inside. We talked about how if I'm imprisoned on the inside (by bitterness or judgement for instance) that I'll be one who imprisons others, instead of making others free (Is 61:1)...If I'm a prisoner myself, I can make no one free, but if by His truth He makes me free, I can in turn make others free...

    I shared with my husband how I was just feeling overhauled inside...

    It's been a tough time, really having to look and some stuff, call it what it is instead of wrapping it up pretty with a bow on top, and letting God "create in me a right spirit" as only He can....very humbling and very vulnerable-feeling at times...

    God knew I really needed some encouragement in the midst of the process tonight, and so I couldn't believe it when I went to log off, there was this message from you that resonated so much with mine and my husband's conversation...Like a sticky note from God confirming every word...

    ...and maybe more importantly letting me know His heart toward me in the process.

    So thankful for His using you and speaking through you in this precise way at this precise time...You have no idea what a bouy His words through you to me were tonight.

    Thanks so very much...
    (hi and hugs to Joy : ) She is SUCH an encouragement!)

  5. p.s. to Joy's Handyman...

    Just remembered as I was re-reading your comment here, that at the beginning of mine and my husband's talk tonight I shared with him saying, "I just need a Word from God.".



    He is so good, and so faithful...and so near...that He can be running the whole universe and yet still be close enough to hear my cry...and answer...

    "Praise Him" indeed!!! (ps 103:1)

  6. Hello Hindsfeet... just read my Handyman's comment--so glad it ministered to your soul. He's quite the 'preacher'... I sometimes tell him he needs an audience other than me! LOL! Among other expierences God allowed in my life, Husband played a big part in my decision to accept Christ. It's been quite a road to travel, but it's been worth it as I know I will be spending eternity with God.

  7. Hey there, Hindsfeet... doin' okay??? I have the book named after you, but haven't progressed past the first chapter---but I'll get back to it.

  8. Oh Joy : ) I'm SOO SOOO glad you got your hands on that really impacted my whole journey with the Lord, I hope it will yours too...

    You are such a blessing : )